Mississippi Gulf Coast Rainbow Center

download (1)Our mission is to create a sense of unity for the South Mississippi LGBT community by providing an open and welcoming environment in which to share our struggles and know that we are not alone.

The ultimate aim for MS Gulf Coast Rainbow Center is to create a space for everyone to have a place to come together and share our stories and struggles in a welcoming and caring atmosphere. Here, you can express your concerns and desires for present and future situations on and around the Mississippi Gulf Coast area.

On July 16, 2013, MS-GCRC was founded in an effort to bring a sense of unity and protection to the LGBT community of South Mississippi and the surrounding areas. The goal is to make sure that not only those of us who are living in this state today will be protected, but, that the future generations of Mississippians will be safe as well.

At this time, MS Gulf Coast Rainbow Center is a online resource center used to gather information and services offered by all Mississippi based LGBT organizations, businesses and allies, and through collaborative efforts help bolster support of equality in the state of Mississippi and especially in the Gulf Coast area.