Are you a Young Adult (aged 18-24) member of the LGBTQ community and living/working in an area that is not particularly kind to those of who identify as “other”?

Did you just read that and think “you bet yer britches I am?”


Loosen The Bible Belt launches “Summer of Sass,” relocating LGBTQ young adults (18-24 yr olds) out of oppressive areas in the U.S. and into a safe summer work environment



Two years ago, comedian Kristen Becker (that’s me)  (The Advocate, Dykes of Hazard) teamed up with Pastor Jay Bakker (One Punk Under God, 20/20, Good Morning America) to bring a message of love and acceptance throughout the Deep South. Loosen the Bible Belt (LTBB) was born.

Recently in the United States there has been a noticeable upswing in bigotry and all-around bullying towards the LGBTQ community, making places in the country that were once tricky to navigate, downright dangerous. Three trans women were murdered in Louisiana already this year and it’s only March; this is just one example of an increasingly terrifying set of statistics developing during the current political climate.

The concept for Summer of Sass (SoS) is simple. Participants from the southern United States come to Provincetown, Mass. as summer workers, paying rent and working just like any other summer worker. In turn, the program will allow oppressed queers from across the country a breath of fresh air from what can oftentimes be a stifling and dangerous environment. These young persons will receive untold mental health benefits from this program, allowing them to thrive and be their truest selves and move forward into adulthood with a foundation of respect and strength.

LTBB will help facilitate the program’s housing and transportation, in addition to a myriad of logistical factors to ensure the program’s participants are fully secure and safe in their new home-away-from-homes. This program will allow people — who may have never had the chance otherwise — to experience and connect with the local and regional businesses that are the backbone of Provincetown’s thriving tourist economy.

“We import a summer workforce every year in Provincetown (Ptown), one of the few places in the country where it is safe to live and work as an out member of the LGBTQ community. As a young person growing up in the south, I had no idea a place like Ptown existed. I feel we have a unique opportunity to go from telling kids ‘it gets better’ to SHOWING them what better looks like,” said Kristen Becker.

Want to come live and work in an LGBTQ friendly environment, that also happens to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet?

Write us a message telling us about yourself and why you think this is the right opportunity for you!


Summer of Sass is fiscally sponsored by The Provincetown Compact

Since 1993, the Compact has nutured and supported dozens of artist and community projects. The Compact incubates ideas that serve people and place. We provide fiscal sponsorship for new, grass roots projects that fit within the mission of the organization. This “Think-ubator” helps creative ideas become reality by providing fiscal sponsorship for tax-exempt donations, budgetary accountability and private and public grant management.