Loosen the bible belt


Jay Bakker

Jay Bakker is a pastor, speaker and author of 3 books. His parents, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, were Christian royalty in the 1980s and Tammy Faye would later become a gay icon for her eye lashes and her early work with the gay community. Jay, following in her footsteps, is an LGBTQ rights advocate and fights for equality within the church. In 2012 Jay was honored to received PFLAG’s first ‘Strait for Equality in Faith Communities’ award.  Today, he also host a new weekly podcast called ‘This is Radio Cast’ where he discusses life with guests from all walks of life.

Kristen Becker

Becker's childhood,  divided between the Rust Belt and the Deep South, has left her uniquely able to connect with all manner of people. An accomplished producer as well as performer, Becker founded the Dykes of Hazard comedy tour in 2006 to bring top notch comedy to small town gay bars in the south.
In 2012, her op-ed piece about LGBT equality in the deep south, “ To the Louisiana I Know” gained much momentum and helped push Becker towards her next bold move. Becker cultivated a comedy tour in the Pelican state called Becker on the Bayou to help promote awareness of HB199 Louisiana Non-Discrimination Act (LANA), which intended to provide legal protections for a multitude of people in the state. Becker’s comedy has been described as “a slice of bawdy reality served with southern charm” and her “never bite the bullet” attitude, coupled with a keen eye for irony, leaves audiences — both gay and straight — ready for more.


ms.SarahRose Marie 

SarahRose Marie came down the mountain with a ukulele in her hand – the Adirondack Mountains, to be precise. It was there she first found her uke, her voice, and a heart for writing musical tunes with her own sense of fascinating style and flair. 







Meghan DePonceau

Professional booze-slinger turned giggle maker Meghan E. DePonceau is a stand up comedian hailing from Buffalo, NY, by way of Denver, CO. She combined her various passions of comedy, wearing cute bows in her hair and making hooch by creating and co-hosting Shanty Town, a traveling house party comedy show. She is also the producer/host of  a monthly show unCORKED! at Infinite Monkey Theorem, leaving behind her previous careers as a ruthless bookie and pulling Excalibur from the stone reenactor.  

Meghan can regularly be seen performing alongside notable acts including Chris DiStefano, Carmen Lynch and Josh Blue. Other accolades and distinctions include: High Plains Comedy Festival, Crom Comedy Festival,  inventor of “Taco Pasta” and is fluent in three dead languages, two of which she killed with her bare hands.