Provincetown Massachusetts is a well known vacation destination and LGBTQ beach town. Each summer, our town imports a summer workforce to handle the influx of tourists. It is often a mix of J-1 students (Visa) from all across the world. It occurred to me that there might some 18-24 yr olds in the south or other oppressive areas that could use a mental health break for the summer.

The most difficult part of living here for the summer is acquiring housing, so I have been working with folks who rent out beds in their homes for the summer and securing some places for kids to sleep. I have spoken to some employers willing to interview folks ( though, honestly, there are plenty of jobs to go around) Instead of telling young adults “It Gets Better” our town has the unique opportunity to SHOW kids what “It gets Better” LOOKS like

What started out as a little idea is growing into a movement for moderates. Jay’s love and grace mixed with my spitfire equals a lovely balance and The tour will always be an important component of the community we are committed to building. As things have progressed, the need for sane and loving voices has grown exponentially. The tour will roll again, in November 2017. We are going to be hitting the meaty middle of the country this time. Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tenn… Stay Tuned for details and message me if you have some recommendations for venues/groups/etc